Turn your customers into brand advocates

Discover, build and manage your advocate community on Shopify

Build your Community

Harness the social media power from your brand lovers and free access to more than 40,000 content creators and influencers

Manage all process

From user segmentation, content management, campaign results and payments in one reliable and easy-to use platform

Reach your goals

Get to new audiences with powerful authentic messages and convert them into new customers and revenue

How to get started

Just follow these simple steps

#1 Create your profile

Create your business free account at and complete your basic info

#2 Your brand

Set up an organization to invite your peers to collaborate and create your brand

#3 Set up your campaign

Create your campaign brief and make sure to turn on the Shopify integration

#4 Add credit

VoxFeed charges 10% of each offer to your advocates or $1 USD per post if it's a no payment collaboration or in kind.

#5 Select your Advocates

Choose which advocates you want to use on your campaigns or explore our database of content creators that match your target

#6 Approve Content

Manage and approved the proposed content for your campaigns. You're in complete control of what is published

#7 Measure Results

Analyze your campaigns performance and metrics through our built-in dashboard

*If the chosen payment method for the campaign is "in kind", the advertiser is responsible for the delivery to the brand advocates

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Frequently asked questions

What is an organization and how to create it?

Organizations are work groups where advertisers can collaborate across campaigns. Owners and whoever has permission can manage the access to campaigns and data.

How to create a Brief?

Depending on the main objective of the campaign, there are certain recommendations to follow when creating a brief to achieve better results. Here are some guide examples.

How can I invite my customers to participate?

Click the "Share Campaign" icon and a link will be automatically generated and copied. Then, you can share it with your customers, invite them and select your favourite ones.

What is a brand and how to create it?

The first step in being able to collaborate with your advocates or content creators is to create a "Brand". A "Brand" groups together campaigns, users and credit.

How can I manage my campaign's budget?

Credit is the money added to a brand.Each brand has its own credit that it can distribute among its campaigns. A campaign's budget is the maximum credit that can be spent on that campaign.

How can I check my campaign's performance?

You will be able to see the distribution of your credit and flow of content in your "Dashboard". Once there are successful participations, you will be able to see the results generated.